Mental Trainer’s role

Main task for a mental training coach is to help you achieve the goals you have set for your sports career.

  • help you identify which psychological skills you need to train
  • help you learn how to train those skills
  • walk with you on your path while you are learning, training and applying your new skills
  • praise, problem solve, support, push forward – all when needed
  • believe in you, support your goal and remind you of your dreams
  • let go when you are ready


You can read here, how  3 international top agility handlers have experienced mental training in their career.

All of them fly on their own now. They have accomplished many of their career dreams. They continuously achieve well-earned successes and competitive results. Their in-trained mental preparation skills and well absorbed performance-supporting attitude allow them to achieve what they have will, talent and passion for. I’m so proud of them; of  the work they have done and still do every day; of the mental training and performing skills they have mastered; of the dedication and diligence they have for training forward.

Do you have the dreams, motivation to work on your dreams, dedication to train?

No matter if you dream big or small – let me know, if you’d like me to help you map, learn and use the mental skills needed to reach your dreams!