The Secret of Success?






The ”secret” is very simple:

Work hard on all areas of skill that may affect your performance.

Reaching the top in any competitive sport – requires not only physical skills, but many other skills as well. For example, in dog sports you will need to work on your dog training skills, handling skills and strategic skills. Success in competitive sport requires a wide range of psychological skills and competitive skills too.

Mental Coaching to reach your goals in sport?

I have been working with sports psychology since 2000. When I collected customer feedback 2014, every one who answered had found Mental Sports Coaching helpful in their career.

Coaching had many effects. Most often it helped my clients with

  • thoughts management
  • appreciating one’s own performance
  • taking better stance into all kinds of situations around training and competing
  • preparing better for the trials
  • learning action patterns and models that support top performance

Many clients also noticed their focusing skills got better. They felt they got better even at feelings management, self-knowledge, self-confidence and braveness. On top of that, many reported they enjoyed training more than before.