Top Experiences

”Prior to our cooperation with Vappu, I did well in small, local competitions. However, we never succeeded to perform on our level in the championships or qualifying events like world team tryouts. My head was full of ’thought worms’ which I didn’t even know existed – until I met Vappu. In the beginning, when we started our work together, I did not really believe  anyone could help me change my thinking patterns. Well, surprisingly Vappu found the recipe for me and helped me fill in the missing ingredient. Finding that final piece of the puzzle opened up a whole new world in competing for me. Since our cooperation, I have qualified into and competed in the world team several times. I have earned several medals in National, Scandinavian and European Championships. Today, I always run every agility course the same, be that a bigger event or championship finals – or any other competition run I take with my dog. There is no ’worms’ in my head anymore. If there’s anything I look back with regret, it is for not taking up an individual sport psychology project earlier in my career. I’m thankful for Vappu helping me to achieve great international success with so many of my dogs!”

-Janita Leinonen, Finland


”My agility training took a huge step forward when I finally found coaches who helped me to locate the final pieces  towards succeeding in trials. Along with that I started thinking about mental training. With Vappu’s help I learned to steer my thoughts about training and competing into right tracks. I learned how to keep my focus in the essentials. I also learned to be more compassionate towards myself as a competitor. Our performance and the results we have achieved tell their tale. Since our cooperation with Vappu I have achieved so much more I ever even dared to dream about. The trophy for individual WC-silver 2011, standing on the mantelpiece in our livingroom, reminds me every day about the fact that everything is possible.”

-Tuulia Liuhto, Finland


”I was in the very beginning of my agility career when we started cooperation with Vappu. At that time, I was not happy with any of my performance unless it was perfect. I pushed myself time after time to do anything I do – perfectly. So, I was pretty much the worst enemy and rival to myself and my success. Vappu helped me to recognize my thought patterns, feelings and emotions, and I learned how to react to and manage them in a more purposeful, productive way. During our long-lasting cooperation I found ways to use my skills and potential to the fullest,  and to run all my competition runs fully focused, at full speed – still enjoying every moment of agility with my dogs. Cooperation with Vappu and my outstanding agility coaches has given me a chance to live through spectacular experiences and achieve success, both in the national and international competitions.”

-Elina Jänesniemi, Finland