Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I am Vappu Alatalo, a Finn living in Finland and working internationally (fluent in english, swedish and finnish).

I specialize in sport psychology and sport psychology consultations – both with individuals and groups.

Clients all over the world welcome – I do most of my Mental Sports Coaching online over Skype, FaceTime or HangOut.

Contact me by email for details / reservations: vappu.alatalo@mac.com


I am certified Sport Psychologist and NLP Master Practitioner. I’ve started my sport psychology practice 2001 and have worked with many world class Agility and Obedience handlers – some with several international medals & placements. My experience so far covers also Show Jumping, Track and field, basketball, synchronized skating – and a few musicians. You will find testimonials here.

I do dog some sports myself – mainly agility – since 1993. It is nowadays part of my work – I studied jumping and motivation on dogs in US 2005-2007 with Susan Salo and Susan Garrett. I learned a lot from other agility trainers as well: Rachel Sanders, Jen Pinder, Wendy Pape, Nancy Guyes, just to name a few. After returning to Scandinavia I’ve grown fond of learning more deeply about how animals learn. I keep on learning from every dog I meet – and study constantly the latest advances in this field too.

Family and history

I have a family of 3+3 consisting of a husband, a son and 3 dogs. We live in a small rural village in southern Finland, still just an hour’s drive from the capital city Helsinki.

We lived in California 2005-2007 and in Copenhagen 2007-2010. I started with my own company Nuppijumppa in 2008. Before that I worked with Nokia in human resources development and management for 5 years. Early years in my career I spent training people and working as a psychologist in health care.